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Join the growing list of governments modernizing their services with Clarity Value.

Built for your government

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Custom fit

We configure our platform to fit your unique processes and needs. With us, a custom fit is standard.

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Built to adapt

Governments evolve. So do we. Our platform is easy to update in real-time as your needs or processes change.

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Whether it's permitting, licensing, electronic case reporting, or HR management, we handle it all. Streamline multiple workflows with our solution.

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Easy to implement. Easier to use. Our intuitive interface keeps work simple and fast---no need for lengthy implementation or intensive training sessions.

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Modernize workflows and simplify systems for a fraction of the price. Our adaptable, cloud-based software means we can charge less than other providers.

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Keep your information in a secure environment. All sensitive information is protected by encrypted software and enhanced cybersecurity measures--always.

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All in one place

A single platform for government workflows.

Accept documents

Assign tasks

Share updates

Track progress

Process payments

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Where we help


Accept, review, approve, and issue permits--all online.


Streamline digital applications and let citizens track their status in real-time.


Fast-track and manage HR processes, from employee onboarding to training and evaluations.

Records Requests

Make it easy for citizens to request records and for government to provide them--all on a shared platform.

Electronic Reporting

Receive, store, share and analyze data, whether you are collecting records from satellite offices or sharing them with a state agency.


Provide a user-friendly platform for citizens to file complaints and for government users to investigate them.

What we offer

See more (in one place)

We take the complex and break it down so your need-to-know information is easy-to-find and easy-to-understand. You’ll have a direct line to everything you need — all in one place.

Know more (with less work)

Don’t just store information, make sense of it. Our system will generate insight into what matters to you. Want to identify a bottleneck? Track project steps over time? View general trends and data? Done, done, and done.

Do more (in less time)

Save time by avoiding confusion and paperwork. Transform complex processes into clear, easy-to-follow steps for government users and the communities they serve.

Security Solutions

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Secure Cloud Solutions

Backed by Google Cloud, we follow industry and vendor best practices for deploying and securing all technologies and tools the Clarity Value software is built with, and perform regular security and vulnerability audits.

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Guest Access Policies

We minimize the risk of data breach by restricting permissions granted to personnel to an as-needed basis and requiring two-factor authentication to our systems.

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Data Protection

All of your data is encrypted in transit or at rest and is backed up regularly by our cloud vendors, ensuring the protection and continuity of your data without the hassle.