Manage all your workflows with one tool

Accept applications. Upload, share and annotate files. Conduct inspections. Communicate with citizens and colleagues. Process payments. Submit approvals. All in one place.

Get a 360° view of your projects and data

Streamline all of your government workflows with our easy-to-use solution
Assign tasks, set due dates and track progress

Whether you are processing permits or managing citizen requests, Clarity lets you assign tasks to colleagues with automated next steps, deadlines and a built-in activity trail.

Keep citizens in the loop with automated notifications and personalized follow ups.

Notify citizens automatically when they submit applications, are missing documents, owe payments, or are scheduled for inspections. Easily send and receive personalized follow-ups about issues that arise.

Search and analyze data.

Use filters to search and analyze records by any criteria  – type, date, status and more. Visualize trends in data. Identify bottlenecks. Share information with colleagues.
Customized Dashboards

Get key insights on the data that matters most to you, from tasks completed, to revenue received to case processing times. View key metrics over any time frame.


Run customized reports, whether to gain key insights or satisfy compliance regulations.

Email Summaries

Maintain a bird's eye view of agency projects with key performance indicators delivered straight to your inbox.
GIS map integration

Pinpoint locations for service requests, permit applications, and more. View and filter records on an interactive map.

Invoicing and payments

Generate invoices, process payments, allocate funds, and track revenue with our all-in-one solution.

Digitize forms and templates

Digitize any forms and pre-populate templates to speed up the application process.
Kanban board

Track the status of records in a searchable records page or kanban board.


Protect data with Clarity Value’s triple-encrypted platform. Set appropriate permissions and interfaces for different government employees.

Record redaction and delivery

Annotate and redact records using our document manager. Easily share records with end-users and colleagues in government.

Why Clarity Value?

Why Clarity Value?

Our Solution

An affordable, user-friendly platform that actually works.

The Status Quo

A digital facelift that doesn’t actually solve government and community needs.
Upload and share files
Assign tasks and deadlines
Send automated notifications
Generate invoices and process payments
Run customized reports