Land Management

Simplify permitting and inspections

Conveniently manage all your permitting applications, from inspection to payment

How it works

Expedite permitting applications


Accept Applications

Enable citizens and businesses to easily apply for permits, with the ability to upload files, submit questions, and pinpoint addresses with GIS integration.

Review Applications

Accept, route and review applications, with our advanced case management software.

Carry out Inspections

Schedule inspections and markup documents in the field from a smartphone or tablet.

Process Payments & Approvals

Generate invoices, accept payments by credit/debit card, and issue permits - all on one platform.
Advanced Features

Collaborate seamlessly

Multi-level approval

After initial agency review, automatically send plans to supervisors for approvals and next steps. On the citizen side, send project leads automatic notifications regarding submittals and, where appropriate, approval requests.

Coordinate across departments

Link records across departments, from licensing to finance and public works. Enable applicants to complete permitting requirements for each agency in one platform, with one account.

More Features

Inspect sites and pinpoint data

Maps and Grids

Enable applicants to pinpoint locations with GIS integration. Identify relevant conditions, like site history and topography, with grid mapping software.  View all open permit applications on an interactive map.


Schedule inspections and complete, annotate, print and share inspection forms on-site, from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

More Tools for Land Management

Fast Implementation

Our permitting solution is intuitive and can be implemented in days or weeks.


Managers and directors can filter data by any criteria to generate customized reports on permit applications.


Gather insights with a 360° view of key metrics, from the number of permits by type to application processing times and payments.


Notify citizens automatically when they submit applications, are missing documents, or are scheduled for inspections. Easily send and receive personalized follow-ups as well.

Activity Feed

View application histories and review steps with a searchable, organized audit trail.

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